General Notices for Visitors

The rubrics of the Extraordinary Form of Mass require that Holy Communion be given on the tongue and kneeling. Those who cannot kneel because of illness, frailty or old-age are not obliged to kneel and are welcome to stand when receiving Holy Communion (though still on the tongue).

Parking – Do not park in the under-cover parking bay on the immediate left of Charles O’Neill Way. Parking is available further down, or on West St.
Please do not park in yellow-striped bay which is reserved for the St Vincent de Paul Night Patrol vans.
Please leave closer parking bays available for elderly and less mobile Mass-goers.

Notices for Sunday December 4th 2022

December 5, 2022

Mrs. Jeanette Sainty (RIP)

We express our condolence to the Sainty family at the loss of the late Mrs. Jeanette Sainty, beloved mother of Mr. David Sainty, who returned to the Lord peacefully on the 27th of November after being fortified by the Sacraments. She was received into the Church at Maternal Heart of Mary a few years ago. Please pray for the repose of her soul.

Upcoming Christmas Mass Schedule

24th December
6:00pm : Vigil Mass
Confession from 5.30pm

9:00pm : Christmas Matins
Confession starts at 10.30pm

25th December
12:00am : Midnight Mass

Following which there will be a procession with the
Infant Jesus and the reading of the Martyrology.
After Midnight Mass Fr. Wong will say his private
Midnight and Dawn Low Masses.

5:00am : Dawn Mass Sung
No confession

7:00am : Day Low Mass
Confession starts at 6:30am

9:30am : Day Mass Sung
Confession starts at 9:00am

Note: This year Christmas is on a Sunday. There will be no scheduled Masses after the 9.30 am Mass. There will be no 4 pm Mass on Christmas day.

Christmas Day Mass at Arcadia will be at 10:30am.

Men’s Group, Tuesday, 6th of December

After the 6:00 pm Mass, the group will head out to Norton’s Irish Pub on the corner of Norton Street and Parramatta Road (1 Norton Street, Leichhardt NSW 2040).

Confessions will be heard throughout Mass.

Norton’s has a budget friendly meal deal. It is $16 for either a steak or schnitty AND a drink (either beer/wine or soft drink).

All welcome!

Day of Total Consecration

The day of total consecration to Jesus through Mary is 12th of December. There will be a 7pm Sung Mass in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, followed by the prayer of total consecration recited together by those who are making their first consecration to our Lady or renewing it. Please bring your books (handouts will be available if you forget).

Christmas at the Cathedral

The Opening night of Christmas at the Cathedral will be held on Thursday, 8th December at St Mary’s Cathedral. For more details please look at the leaflets placed at the back of the Church.

St. Mary’s Cathedral is also organising Choral Christmas Celebration 2022 featuring St. Mary’s Cathedral Choir and Sinfonia Australis on Friday, 16th December. For more details please look at the leaflets placed at the back of the Church.

Upcoming Cleaning Day

24th December : 8:00 am Low Mass followed by cleaning until 12.00 pm

Gaudete Sunday Celebrations

We will have Gaudete Celebration for the children on December 11th after the 10.30 am Mass.

An encounter with Saint Nicholas will take place in the courtyard about 15 minutes after Mass. Parents whose children are participating and would like to have presents for their children, please contact Mrs Consuella Jankovic at Usually, we would get a present that is below $10.

A few families are interested to have an informal picnic at the Petersham Oval after this activity. If you intend to go for the picnic, please bring a packed lunch.

All children must be always accompanied and supervised by their parents ; and especially when crossing the zebra crossing or using the bathroom facilities at the park.

Notices for Sunday November 27th 2022

November 28, 2022

Courtesy and consideration

I ask our young adults especially our young men if they would consider sometimes to give up their seats for an expectant mother or parents with young children.

With more people coming in for Masses, please try to make it easy for people to enter the pews and to make room for them. At the same time, let us also observe all courtesy when entering the pews and sitting next to others.

MHM has always been a welcoming community and we want to continue being a welcoming community but community life only works if there is understanding and cooperation. There is no one rule or custom that would please everyone but it is for the common good. Thank you for your understanding.

Work Sacristy and Vestry

Please do not enter the work sacristy or vestry unless you have a designated responsibility (Schola, Choir, Servers, Collectors). This is to ensure security and to comply with current safeguarding policies.

The Working with Children Check (WWCC) is a requirement for anyone in paid or volunteer child-related work in NSW. The Check lasts for 5 year and must be renewed.

Respect for One Another/ Personal Boundaries

Please be advised that we have to be understanding of the various cultural backgrounds and the personal sensitivities of those who come to Church. Please ensure that, when we show affection and friendliness, we do so in a way which is respectful and observes personal boundaries. What may be spontaneous and natural for one, may for another be taking a liberty. Please observe courtesy with restraint always.

Notices for Sunday November 20th 2022

November 21, 2022

Mass Intention Reminder

It is praiseworthy to offer Masses for all those we love: both the living and the dead. It is the best spiritual assistance that we can offer them. And we do so out of Charity and Justice.

Nevertheless, when you offer Masses please keep in mind that the priests have a limit to the number of Masses they can offer. They cannot offer more than one Mass a day with Sunday being an exception. Please be considerate of others when you request for multiple Masses for your intentions.

Also, irrespective of whether you ask for one Mass or multiple masses to be said for your intentions, please ensure that you specify it on the blank space provided on the envelop.

Notices for Sunday November 13th 2022

November 14, 2022

St Francis de Sales Young Professionals Group

The Young Professionals Group will meet on Saturday, 26th November at 5:30pm at Maternal Heart of Mary Church.

The meeting begins with a talk on Gentleness based on the teaching of St Francis de Sales, followed by Eucharistic adoration, and a bbq in the church courtyard.

(This group is for Catholics aged 21-35. Its purpose is to help young men and women form holy friendships and to keep themselves unspotted from the dangers of worldliness.)

Please RSVP and volunteer to bring a side dish using the registration form. Or email Rebekah Pospischil at

Upcoming Events

There will be a Children’s Gaudete Sunday Party on Sunday, 11th December after the 10:30 am High Mass. Please mark your calendars accordingly.

Weather permitting, we may have a picnic in the Oval.

Parking Reminder

Please do not park in the under-cover parking bay on the immediate left of Charles O’Neill Way.

Parking is available further down, or on West St.

Also, please do not park in yellow-striped bay which is reserved for the St Vincent de Paul Night Patrol vans.

Please leave closer parking bays available for elderly and less mobile Mass-goers.

Notices For Sunday November 6th 2022

November 7, 2022

Courtyard Update

The courtyard upgrade is ultimately subject to council approval and with complex issues of heritage, legislation, local regulations and SVDP (common area), the process has consumed much time and cost.

At this stage of the process, the local council has ownership of the approval phase which can take some months due to the aforementioned complexities and which is outside of our control. Please pray that it will be approved soon.

Please be mindful of the uneven surfaces at all times and note that we have upgraded the surrounding area lighting to enhance safety for all. Care must be taken while going up and down the wooden ramps leading into the Church especially in wet weather.

Men’s Group

Men’s Group will be going out to dinner on Tuesday night, 8th November.

Location : Bar Italia 169 Norton St Leichhardt.
Time : 7:00 pm.

(Please note that Mass on Tuesday is cancelled.)

Requiem Mass for Late Peter Hanrahan

The family, servers and schola would like to observe the 1st Year Anniversary of the late Peter Hanrahan (long-time server at our parish) by having a Solemn Requiem Mass at 11 am on Saturday, 12th November.

Notices Sunday October 24th 2022

October 24, 2022

First Holy Communion

1st Holy Communion will take place on October 30th at the
10.30 am Mass.

Schedule for classes :
23rd Oct after 10.30 am Mass (Sunday)
29th Oct after 9.00 am Mass (Saturday) and 1st

Mass Intentions and Mass Stipends

A Mass stipend is a donation freely given for the sustenance of the priest as he offers the Mass for the person who requests the Mass. This must never be seen as a payment or fee. In most places, including the Archdiocese of Sydney, the stipend is set at $10 although the faithful can give more or less according to their free will.

Please do not give too many intentions to the priests as we can only usually offer 1 Mass a day except for Sundays and the main Mass is always offered “pro populo” – for all. With an ever growing parish, it is difficult to fulfil too many Mass requests from one individual as it would prevent others from having their Mass intentions being offered.

As the FSSP is an active congregation, the priests cannot offer a Gregorian Mass (30 consecutive Masses) for the departed. Only the monasteries are able to do that.

Notices Sunday October 16th 2022

October 19, 2022

All Souls Requiem Masses

6.30 am – 7.00 am : Low Mass
7.00am – 7.35 am: Low Mass
7.35 am – 8.15 am : Low Mass

3 pm – 3.35 pm : Low Mass
3.35 pm – 4.10 pm : Low Mass
4.10 pm – 4.35 pm : Low Mass

5.35 pm – 6.10 pm: :Low Mass
6.10 pm -6.45 pm : Low Mass
7 pm – 8.30 pm : Solemn Mass with
Absolution at Catafalque

Please be reminded that under the current Code of Canon Law (1983), Communion can be only received twice if we attend both Masses in their entirety.

Children’s All Saints’ Celebration

Children (and adults!) dress as your favourite Saints in honour of All Saints after the 10.30 am Mass on 6 Nov on Church grounds. All children must be supervised by their parents.

We want to counter the culture of Halloween by honouring the Saints.

BYO Picnic lunch, Games, Costume Competition etc

If you need more information, contact Amanda at

Notices Sunday October 9th 2022

October 11, 2022

Feast of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

11th October 2022, 6pm Tuesday Low Mass
Transfered Solemnity
16th October Sunday 8.30am and 10.30am Masses (Mass of the Maternity of the BVM); 7am and 4pm Masses (19th Sunday after Pentecost)

Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday October 22nd.

For those at MHM Parish, schedule for classes: 9th October after 10.30am Mass, 15th October 12pm General Practice, 16th October after 10.30am Mass.

On the 22nd of October, Low Mass at 8am only.

First Holy Communion will take place on October 30th at the 10.30am Mass.
Schedule for classes: 23rd October after 10.30am Mass (Sunday); 29th October after 9am Mass (Saturday) 1st Confessions.

Young Professionals Upcoming Meeting

The St Francis de Sales Young Professionals Group will be meeting on October 15th at 6.30pm (please note the time change) followed by dinner in Leichhardt. In this meeting we will read a precious document from the early Church, a firsthand account of a courageous young woman who was martyred in the year 203. Please RSVP, ages 21-35 welcome. For questions, or to RSVP, email Rebekah Pospischil (details in bulletin).

As a community of baptised Catholics, we must always behave towards each other in a manner which shows we are enlivened by fraternal charity; we are brothers and sisters because God is the Father of us all. Accordingly, verbal, psychological and physical abuse will not be tolerated at Maternal Heart of Mary. We do not intimidate others nor use social media imprudently, nor fabricate stories about others. We want the Church to be a safe place for all. Serious matters may well give rise to legal action or may even be subject to police action.