First Holy Communion

1st Holy Communion will take place on October 30th at the
10.30 am Mass.

Schedule for classes :
23rd Oct after 10.30 am Mass (Sunday)
29th Oct after 9.00 am Mass (Saturday) and 1st

Mass Intentions and Mass Stipends

A Mass stipend is a donation freely given for the sustenance of the priest as he offers the Mass for the person who requests the Mass. This must never be seen as a payment or fee. In most places, including the Archdiocese of Sydney, the stipend is set at $10 although the faithful can give more or less according to their free will.

Please do not give too many intentions to the priests as we can only usually offer 1 Mass a day except for Sundays and the main Mass is always offered “pro populo” – for all. With an ever growing parish, it is difficult to fulfil too many Mass requests from one individual as it would prevent others from having their Mass intentions being offered.

As the FSSP is an active congregation, the priests cannot offer a Gregorian Mass (30 consecutive Masses) for the departed. Only the monasteries are able to do that.