Courtesy and consideration

I ask our young adults especially our young men if they would consider sometimes to give up their seats for an expectant mother or parents with young children.

With more people coming in for Masses, please try to make it easy for people to enter the pews and to make room for them. At the same time, let us also observe all courtesy when entering the pews and sitting next to others.

MHM has always been a welcoming community and we want to continue being a welcoming community but community life only works if there is understanding and cooperation. There is no one rule or custom that would please everyone but it is for the common good. Thank you for your understanding.

Work Sacristy and Vestry

Please do not enter the work sacristy or vestry unless you have a designated responsibility (Schola, Choir, Servers, Collectors). This is to ensure security and to comply with current safeguarding policies.

The Working with Children Check (WWCC) is a requirement for anyone in paid or volunteer child-related work in NSW. The Check lasts for 5 year and must be renewed.

Respect for One Another/ Personal Boundaries

Please be advised that we have to be understanding of the various cultural backgrounds and the personal sensitivities of those who come to Church. Please ensure that, when we show affection and friendliness, we do so in a way which is respectful and observes personal boundaries. What may be spontaneous and natural for one, may for another be taking a liberty. Please observe courtesy with restraint always.