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General Notices for Visitors

The rubrics of the Extraordinary Form of Mass require that Holy Communion be given on the tongue and kneeling. Those who cannot kneel because of illness, frailty or old-age are not obliged to kneel and are welcome to stand when receiving Holy Communion (though still on the tongue).

Parking – Do not park in the under-cover parking bay on the immediate left of Charles O’Neill Way. Parking is available further down, or on West St.
Please do not park in yellow-striped bay which is reserved for the St Vincent de Paul Night Patrol vans.
Please leave closer parking bays available for elderly and less mobile Mass-goers.

Return to Maternal Heart of Mary Church

February 18, 2019

The renovations are sufficiently completed for us to start moving back into the church. Masses will recommence in Maternal Heart of Mary Church with a Solemn Votive Mass of St Joseph on Thursday 28 February.

The official reopening of the church will be Sunday, 3rd March –

This coincides with the visit Fr Komorowski, Superior General of the FSSP, and the traditional Carmelite nuns, en route to found a new monastery in the Wilcannia-Forbes diocese. We will have a BBQ, stalls and festivities to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Thank you to the men who generously gave up their time yesterday to help clean the courtyard in preparation for our return home. We will need more help in the coming weekend to continue the clean up, another announcement will follow shortly.

Weekly Notices

February 18, 2019

Wednesday Adult Classes
Starting this week at 6pm, on Wednesday night at the Berne Centre (top of the car park). We also pack bread for the Gift of Bread organisation in between classes as an act of charity for the larger community.
Fr Sypher will not teach the following Wednesday (27th Feb) due to the regional meeting of the FSSP Priests.

Chair of St Peter (historical reference)
“…Further, St Cyprian, writing about 250, during the vacancy of the chair after the death of Pope St Fabian, describes it as follows: “Cum locus Fabiani, id est locus Petri et gradus cathedrae sacerdotalis vacaret” (when the place of Fabian, ie. the place of Peter and the step of the sacerdotal chair were vacant). Still earlier, about 200, Tertullian writes, in his “De praescriptione baereticorum”: “Percurre eccleasias apostolicas, apud quas ipsae adjuc cathedrae apostolorum suis locis praesident. Si Italiae adjaces habes Roman” (Visit the Apostolic churches in (among) which the very chairs of the Apostles still preside in their places. If you are near Italy, there is Rome)…”
(Catholic Encyclopaedia)

By concession of the Holy See, the Chair of St Peter (22 February) is a Feast of the First Class in FSSP apostolates. And by decree of the Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary, dated June 7 2008, a plenary indulgence is granted under the usual conditions to the members of the Confraternity of St Peter on this feast (22 February)

Thomas Sofatzis’ Ordination to the Subdiaconate

February 14, 2019

Thomas Sofatzis was ordained to the subdiaconate last Saturday at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, Nebraska. Roger Gilbride will receive subdiaconate this coming Saturday at the seminary in Wigratzbad, Germany. Brendan Boyce has asked for more time to prepare for the reception of Holy Orders. Please keep them and all our seminarians in your prayers.


Tentative dates for return to MHM Church

February 10, 2019

The renovations are expected to be completed sometime next week. We have set the tentative date for recommencement of Masses in MHM Church as Thursday 28th February. In this case the official re-opening of the Church would be Sunday 3rd March 2019. These dates will be confirmed next week.

Holy Family Catechism

February 10, 2019

Holy Family Catechism classes start THIS FRIDAY, February 15th, at 4.45pm at the Berne Centre (top of the carpark). If you would like to enrol your children, please contact one of the priests.

Wednesday Adult Education Classes

February 10, 2019

Wednesday classes will recommence on 20th of February 2019, however there will be NO CLASS on 27th FEBRUARY due to the regional meeting of the FSSP priests.

Fr. Sypher will continue with the Book of Genesis during the first semester.

Renovations update 26/01/2019

January 26, 2019

Please see attached photos showing some of the work that has occurred since our last update one month ago.

The painting is now 90% completed, and the sanctuary walls will be the last main area to be painted over the next couple of weeks.

The electrical work is about 75% done, now beginning the installation of the lights and centralised lighting system.

It is possible that the renovations will be completed by the end of February, but we’ll keep you updated as the work nears completion.

Thank you to those who have already made donations to support this project. If you have not yet done so & would like to, donations can be made via credit card (select biller code Maternal Heart of Mary) or by net banking using the details below.

Thank you and God bless,
Fr Sypher.

EFT Donations can be made using these bank details:
“Maternal Heart of Mary Parish”
BSB 062784
A/c No 10175002

Low Mass Custom in Australia

January 21, 2019

While the dialogue Low Mass is commonly found in many parts of Europe, it was not the general tradition in English speaking countries. Both are rubrically legitimate and can enrich the spiritual lives of the faithful as long as these have the appropriate internal dispositions animated by a deep spiritual life. The tradition in Australia before the changes after Vatican II is that the server does the vocal answering for the priest so that, usually, the Low Mass is otherwise silent except for the “Domine non sum dignus”. For the Sung and Solemn Masses, the faithful are actually encouraged to participate by chanting and singing at the parts allocated for the faithful.