Christmas Hampers

Fr.Peter Guy is organising Christmas hampers for the homeless poor. Simplicity Funerals is assisting him with this initiative. They are looking for non-perishable food items. If you want to donate some clothes, you do so also but fold them neatly. The pick up will happen at the 2nd Sunday of Advent.


We welcome everyone to attend the liturgy and receive the Sacraments in the traditional form, but that freedom does not include the right to impose personal views on those who have come to this Church to worship in the legitimate tradition of the Church. Imposing personal views includes handing out religious leaflets or literature. This is prohibited, except with the prior permission of the parish priest.

It is the duty of all Catholics, whether parishioners or visitors, to cherish and safeguard the purity of the teachings of the Catholic faith. Accordingly, promoting unapproved seers or espousing heretical opinions is not permitted and will not be tolerated. Any attempt by any person to impose their will on others, by pressure, psychological manipulation, distributing unapproved material, or in any other way is strictly forbidden.