Welcome home to all our parishioners.
Thank you to all those who repaired, cleaned and decorated the Church. May God reward you.

* On Sunday March 3rd we respectfully welcomed

The Very Reverend Andrzej Komorowski (FSSP)
The Very Reverend Timothy Thorburn
Mother Mariam Joseph of Jesus Crucified (OCD)
Sr Francis Teresa a Jesu Hostia (OCD)
Sr Juana Teresa of Jesus (OCD)
Sr Maria of the Incarnation (OCD)

* All Fridays of the year except Solemnities are bound by the law of abstinence, while the law of fasting binds all Catholics who are aged between eighteen and sixty on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. In days of old, all the days of Lent except Sundays and 1st Class Feast days were days of abstinence.

* Wednesday Classes
There will be no Wednesday class on the 6th of March as it will be Ash Wednesday.

* Mass of the Holy Face
In 1958, through the instrumentality of Blessed Mother Maria Pierena de Michelis, Venerable Pius XII approved the Mass of the Holy Face for Shrove Tuesday as a means of reparation for own person sins, for the conversation of sinners and especially for the excesses of the Mardi Gras and blasphemy.

* We welcome all visitors to the Church. Please be advised that Communion is only given on the tongue in this Rite of Mass. We should try to maintain a spirit of reverence in the Church by avoiding unnecessary noise and talking. Mobile phones should be switched off as we are in a house of worship. As we are on sacred ground, we should be dressed appropriately out of respect for God.

* We thank Mr John Macaulay for his donation of 100 Latin/English red missals for the use of the Maternal Heart of Mary Church. Please do not remove from Church.