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Over the past 10 years we have not only collected a number of papal and scholarly documents to assist Catholics celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass of 1962, but also we have created resources of our own which we wish to share.

Papal Papal Documents

We have prepared Mass Propers for the seasons of the year and Mass Propers for the Saints so that they may be downloaded online in PDF format for easy printing. For the online propers we have omitted our Maternal Heart header so that Latin Mass communities may insert there own graphics or printed header. We also have prepared a PDF of Fr Adrian Fortesque's Latin Vestments which is also available online here.

FortesqueFortesque's Vestments [pdf].

Priests who wish to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass will find online here the 1962 Rubrics PDF.

1962 Rubrics

Fortesque Mass Booklet of the 1962 Ordinary.

Furthermore, we have detailed HTML documents about Gregorian Chant by both Alison Hope and Stephen Thuis; and Romano Guardini and Dom Cabrol's booklets about the Mass.

Pope GregoryPope Gregory the Great

If you wish to use these sources, please offer a prayer or a Mass for the priests and community of the Maternal Heart of Mary, Lewisham.