There is no more scanning of QR codes nor electronic sign-in bookings any more. Please try to spread out amongst the FOUR Masses on Sundays. Sometimes we could offer our seats to those with special needs.

There will be 3 Masses for Ash Wednesday and there will be imposition of ashes after every Mass. This year, for Ash Wednesday, the Holy See has asked us to pray specially that God will preserve the world from the madness of war as we invoke Our Lady as the Queen of Peace.

Ash Wednesday is one of two yearly days of obligatory fasting and abstinence for Roman Catholics, along with Good Friday. The norms of fasting are obligatory from age 18 until age 59 for those who are healthy. Fasting means a person is permitted to eat one full meal. Two smaller meals may also be taken, but they are not to equal that of a full meal. The rule of abstinence from meat is binding upon Catholics aged 14 and onward. For those outside the age limits, Canon Law notes that “Pastors of souls and parents are to ensure that even those who by reasons of their age are not bound by the law of fasting and abstinence, are taught the true meaning of penance.”