Changes to Mass Schedule

We will be discontinuing the Thursday morning Mass as from next week as there are fewer people attending now. We had 25 just after the restrictions but it has gone down to just 7 now.

The Sunday 2pm Mass will continue until December 15 (when more restrictions will be lifted) that will include:
Nov 28th, Dec 5th, Dec 12th
unless this Mass fills up also to capacity but the numbers at the 2pm slot are starting to go down.

You may have your own personal convictions about practices or customs that do not pertain to the essence of the Catholic Faith, but please be advised that entry to the Church is on the condition that you do not seek to impose those convictions on others, or engage in any kind of bullying or aggressive behaviour, whether within the Church building or outside in the courtyard. Thank you.

The Church was broken into on Thursday the 18th of November. Nothing was stolen but the vestry door has been damaged. Please have your belongings with you when you come up for Holy Communion.

All the faithful departed whom you have enrolled in the Novena of Masses are being prayed for in the Masses and commemorated at the Memento of the Dead at the daily of every priest stationed at Maternal Heart of Mary Church.

The Hanrahan family would like to express their gratitude for all your support during this difficult time.

We plan to have something small for the children on Gaudete Sunday. Saint Nicholas hopes to come for a visit. This activity will take place immediately after the 10.30am Mass.

We express our condolence to Louis Calleja and his family at the loss of his father Frank Calleja who entered eternity int he afternoon of the 20th of November. He received extreme unction and the necessary prayers for the dying.