Priest Transfers
When Rev. Boyce returns from New Zealand in August, he will be appointed assistant priest at MHM. He will be joined by Fr. Richard Wallace FSSP. Together the priests will assist Fr. Wong with the new class of seminarians starting in August. Fr. Gilbride will be transferred to assist Fr. Sypher at our Parramatta apostolate. While we will still see Fr. Gilbride from time to time, we wish to thank him for all his contribution to parish life.

A parish social event for adults is being organised for Saturday August 7th. The dinner will be held at The Renaissance in Lidcombe and will be open to adults from the parish. Later in the year we will have a general parish event open to all including children. To register, please email: or speak to Fr. Gilbride.

2021 Australian Catholic Students Association National Conference
July 16-18 at the Benedict XVI Retreat Centre in Grose Vale.
It has a particular emphasis on the Catholic intellectual life and on solemn liturgy.