Let us continue to pray for a cessation of the bush fires. We also pray for the victims who have lost lives, property and livelihoods especially in our daily Rosaries and Masses.

Christmas Eve was also traditionally a day of abstinence until the Midnight Mass. Let us use these special days to make reparation for sins and to beg God’s abundance of blessing.

As there are more people attending Mass now, we will be putting on a 3rd Mass as from the 26th of January.

The additional Low Mass will be scheduled “ad experimentum” for the next three months at 7:15am for normal Sundays with the exception of Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. As it is followed by the 8:30am Mass, the sermon usually be slightly abbreviated to allow the next Mass to start on time.

27th December, Friday: Mass of St John the Evangelist followed by the blessing of wine. Please bring a few bottles of win for a blessing.

28th December, Saturday: Mass of the Holy Innocents followed by the Blessing of Children.

A Novena of Masses will be offered for your intentions and all your loved ones, living and departed. The Novena of Masses will commence at Midnight Mass.

A note of appreciation to all those who have assisted in the cleaning of the Church and setting up for Christmas.