Thursday, 7pm 11th July Feast of St Benedict

Mass in the OSB Usage. Fr. James Baxter (OP) Homilist

Blessing of Benedictine Medals

(Please bring own medals and label them)

Blessing of those who are sick in mind, body and soul with the relic of the True Cross (Blessing of St.Maurus)

Tuesday, 6pm 16th July Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Investiture into the Brown Scapular after Mass

Conferral with the scapular indicates a special devotion and consecration to Mary. No one should undertake it who is not prepared to live in accordance with it. In the New Rite, “the short form of investing or conferral consists of a priest or deacon taking a blessed scapular and while placing it over their head reciting with the person any Marian prayer (e.g. Hail Mary, Memorare, Salve Regina)…” In the Old Rite, there are a few pertinent investiture formulae in the Rituale Romanum. No special daily practices are prescribed, though someone consecrated to Mary, of which the scapular is the external sign, should live chastely in accordance┬áto their state in life. At MHM, the various devotions from the previous discipline are commutated to the daily Rosary.

Investing MUST be done with the cloth scapular. Those who wish to wear the medal can do so only after investment. The scapular blessing attaches to each subsequent scapular. A new blessing is NOT required. This is not true of the medal, each which must be blessed by a priest or deacon.