Wednesday Adult Classes
Starting this week at 6pm, on Wednesday night at the Berne Centre (top of the car park). We also pack bread for the Gift of Bread organisation in between classes as an act of charity for the larger community.
Fr Sypher will not teach the following Wednesday (27th Feb) due to the regional meeting of the FSSP Priests.

Chair of St Peter (historical reference)
“…Further, St Cyprian, writing about 250, during the vacancy of the chair after the death of Pope St Fabian, describes it as follows: “Cum locus Fabiani, id est locus Petri et gradus cathedrae sacerdotalis vacaret” (when the place of Fabian, ie. the place of Peter and the step of the sacerdotal chair were vacant). Still earlier, about 200, Tertullian writes, in his “De praescriptione baereticorum”: “Percurre eccleasias apostolicas, apud quas ipsae adjuc cathedrae apostolorum suis locis praesident. Si Italiae adjaces habes Roman” (Visit the Apostolic churches in (among) which the very chairs of the Apostles still preside in their places. If you are near Italy, there is Rome)…”
(Catholic Encyclopaedia)

By concession of the Holy See, the Chair of St Peter (22 February) is a Feast of the First Class in FSSP apostolates. And by decree of the Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary, dated June 7 2008, a plenary indulgence is granted under the usual conditions to the members of the Confraternity of St Peter on this feast (22 February)