Everyone is welcome to Maternal Heart of Mary for Mass. Please be advised that we should be dressed appropriately for the Divine Liturgy and that silence is kept in the chapel.

Please remember that we are only guests of the Society of St Vincent de Paul. The Society has kindly lent us the use of the grounds and the chapel.

Immediately surrounding our grounds are the elderly retired. Furthermore, the whole area is accessed by visitors to the aged, by those in the nursing home, and by those seeking refuge. There are also three educational facilities, one including young children.

It is important then that all Mass Goers take particular care while driving, and by keeping the peace at night.

The Parish of St Thomas has also allowed us to use their toilet facility. Please be considerate.

The following rules must be observed by all of us and our invited guests to Mass and other functions like weddings and baptisms:

The Grounds

1. No rubbish to be left on the premises or about the Chapel.

2. The path beyond the palm tree (along the new office block) is Out of Bounds.

3. No children to wade in the fountain pool.

4. Keep right away from the Aged Retirement Village (which is immediately next door to the Chapel).

5. Keep the noise down after evening Mass.


Holy Communion is only given on the tongue and kneeling as it is the discipline enforced in the Mass of the Extraordinary Form. Those who cannot kneel because of illness, frailty or old-age are not obliged to kneel and should feel comfortable to stand when receiving Holy Communion.


The Parish of St Thomas has also allowed us to use their toilet facility. Please be considerate. Please LOCK the toilets at night. Take care with children and ladies in the area. Make sure you lock the toilet door and return the key.

Parking Areas and Driving

Do Not Park in the First Two Parking Spaces closest to the Chapel.

They are reserved:

1. During the week daytime for St Vincent de Paul till 6.00pm.

2. For the elderly and disabled attending Sunday and night Mass.

Do Not Park in the two reserved areas for the Vinnies Night Vans.

Do Not Park in front of the bins, dumpsters or the wooden gate.

Please observe the Speed Limit - 5 km per hour.

Sunday and Christmas Parking. Please leave the first THREE parking spaces closest to the Chapel free for the Ill and/or Aged.

Please inform your friends and one another.