THE NORTHERN WINDOW Maternal Heart of Mary Northern Window


M P Moeller Inc. of Maryland, USA, built the pipe organ installed in 1928 to the side of the gallery. The Sydney organ consultant, Joseph Earnshaw, wrote soon afterwards:

Recently it was my privilege to have installed in the lovely chapel connected to Lewisham Hospital, an ideal instrument with wonderful tonal variety, due to the excellent voicing of the pipes. The remarkable purity of each register is unique, enabling the player to use his couplers with fine effect. All the pipes are enclosed in a swell box; two manuals; built on the duplex system; containing nine stops (seven manual and two pedal); tubular-pneumatic action; adjustable pistons; crescendo pedal in addition to the ordinary swell pedal. The touch is delightful; prompt repetition; excellent workmanship. This fine organ . . is a credit to the art of modern organ construction.

By selecting such a fine instrument the perfectionist Mother Xavier showed that she would have agreed with the Second Vatican Council, when it decreed that the pipe organ is to be held in high esteem, for it is the traditional musical instrument that adds a wonderful splendour to the Church's ceremonies and powerfully lifts up the spirit to God and to higher things.

THE ORGAN Maternal Heart of Mary Chapel Organ Pipes

Maternal Heart of Mary Chapel Organ