Elevation of Host


1. Traditional Catholic Mass. The Maternal Heart of Mary Traditional Mass Parish primarily aims to provide Catholics with a regular program of the traditional liturgy. This includes the regular celebration of both the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Divine Office. Sung Mass is offered every Sunday and Thursday, as well as on all feasts. Solemn Vespers is celebrated at least once a month.

2. Traditional Catholic Life. Our parish also aims to support the growth of Catholic faith and practice by the traditional use of Catholic sacramentals and blessings throughout the year, by the visitation of priests among the community, by the fostering of community family events, and by the pastoral care of both priests and laity.

Feast of Assumption Assumption Day Blessing of Herbs and Fruit.

3. Traditional Catholic Doctrine. A very important aim of our parish is to educate Catholic adults and children in the Faith through authentic liturgy, by homilies, by classes for children and by a series of lectures for adults in traditional Thomistic theology and philosophy.

4. Excellence. The "Lewisham" community aims also for liturgical excellence in ceremony, ritual, Gregorian chant and in the materials used for sacred worship. They are powerful means to lift the mind and heart towards God. The traditional rite is the source of the great spiritual and artistic patrimony of the Western Church which we foster and treasure.

blessing Father Wong giving Final Blessing.

5. Participation. It is also the aim of our parish to ensure that the laity actively participate at Mass and in other liturgies. This involves training the laity in Gregorian Chant, in attendance at choir and schola practices, and in fostering a ready willingness in the laity to assist where possible.

6. Vocations to Priesthood. Our parish also aims to foster vocations to the priesthood especially to the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter. Our community supports Ezechiel House - the first-year formation centre in Sydney.