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On average between 100-120 laity attend Solemn Mass on Sundays. Ages range from young families with small children through to the elderly. Less than 10% are over 65 years of age. We attract people from all over the metropolitan Sydney area, people coming to the 10.30am Solemn Mass from as far away as the Blue Mountains and the Central Coast.

We also attract a wide range of Catholic ethnic groups including Poles, Lebanese, Italians, Irish, English, Chinese, Egyptians, East Europeans and other.

At Solemn Mass, it is usual to see about ten male servers aged between 10 to 30 about the altar: crucifer, acolytes, thurifer, candlebearers.... In the sanctuary also are six or seven of the male Schola. Upstairs in the choir loft the female choir of about six or seven and organist may lead the singing every month.

Our community has a variety of supporting groups of laity for fund-raising, for the education of young people, for catering, flower arrangements, cleaning, arranging social occasions, pilgrimages, and other normal Catholic parish duties.

After Latin Mass Medieval Day.

After Solemn Mass on Sundays and feast days, most of the laity naturally socialise outside the chapel for almost an hour. Some have commented that it is a difficult place to leave after Mass because it is just too enjoyable hanging around and talking. We also enjoy our after-Mass refreshments, the occasional announcements, and those little celebrations and sacramentals which bring our Faith alive. At this time our priests are called upon to give blessings and advice or just chat with us.

We have had annual "Parish Picnics", a "Parish Ball", children's Christmas parties, children's dress-up as saints' days, and fund-raising dinners.

Groups of adults teach young people the Catholic Faith in classrooms on Fridays, and many of our laity attend Catholic adult education education classes at the Thomistic Centre lectures on theology, scripture, and Thomistic philosophy.

Parish Picnic for Fr Wee A cake for Father Adrian at his farewell parish picnic
- February 19, 2012.

Parish Picnic February 2012 Some of our community at Father Wee's farewell
- at Petersham Park.

After Latin Mass Visitors from London, UK:
"No Mass in the UK like this one here. Wonderful!"

After Latin Mass Selling the Kyriale and Latin Hymnbooks.

After Latin Mass Expert advice.

After Latin Mass Catching-up with friends.

After Latin Mass Catching-up with family.