February, 2015

1 Sunday Septuagesima Sunday 8:30am Low Mass
10:30am Sung Mass
2 Monday Candlemas - Purification of the Virgin
[Blessing of the Candles and Procession before 7.00pm Mass]
7.00am Low Mass
7:00pm Sung Mass
3 Tuesday St Blaise - followed by the Blessing of Throats 6.00pm Low Mass
4 Wednesday St Andrew Corsini 7.00am Low Mass
5 Thursday St Agatha 7.00pm Sung Mass
6 First Friday Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart [Comm: St Titus]
followed by Benediction
7.00pm Sung Mass
7 First Saturday St Romauld 9.00am Low Mass
8 Sunday Sexagesima Sunday 8:30am Low Mass
10.30am Sung Mass
9 Monday St Cyril of Alexandria 7.00am Low Mass
10 Tuesday St Scholastica 6.00pm Low Mass
11 Wednesday Our Lady of Lourdes - Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary 7.00am Low Mass
12 Thursday Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order 7.00pm Sung Mass
13 Friday Feria 6.15pm Low Mass
14 Saturday Saturday of Our Lady [Comm: St Valentine] 9.00am Low Mass
15 Sunday Quinquagesima Sunday 8:30am Low Mass
10:30am Sung Mass
16 Monday Feria 7.00am Low Mass
17 Tuesday Feria 6.00pm Low Mass
18 Wednesday Ash Wednesday - [with blessing and distribution of ashes] 7.00pm Solemn Mass
19 Thursday Thursday after Ash Wednesday 7.00pm Sung Mass
20 Friday Friday after Ash Wednesday 6.15pm Low Mass
21 Saturday Saturday after Ash Wednesday 9.00am Low Mass
22 Sunday First Sunday in Lent 8:30am Low Mass
10.30am Sung Mass
23 Monday Monday in the First Week of Lent [Comm: St Peter Damian] 7.00am Low Mass
24 Tuesday St Matthias [Comm: Tuesday in the First Week of Lent] 6.00pm Low Mass
25 Wednesday Ember Wednesday of Lent 7.00am Low Mass
26 Thursday Thursday in the First Week of Lent 7.00pm Sung Mass
27 Friday Ember Friday of Lent [Comm: St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows] 6.15pm Low Mass
28 Saturday Ember Saturday of Lent 9.00am Low Mass