March, 2017


March 12

100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady appeared at Fatima from May 13th - October 13th 1917. Announcements will be made regarding some special devotions that will take place in our Church to mark this centenary observance. The Holy Father has granted a Plenary Indulgence to those who would "Make a visit to an image or statue of Our Lady of Fatima that is on display for public veneration in any Church, Oratory, or 'adequate place' on the anniversary days of the apparitions (the 13th of each month from May - October 2017) and 'devotedly participate' in prayer or celebration in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, pray the 'Our Father' and the 'Creed' and invoke Our Lady of Fatima".

The Gift of Bread

The Gift of Bread is an external apostolate that a few members of the MHM parish are involved in to provide bread for large families and the poor.

The Gift of Bread is looking for drivers who would be able to collect bread from the bakeries at Marickville for packing and distribution.

Please contact Dorothy Shaw Tel: 0418 236 795

Day of the Unborn Child

The Annual Day of the Unborn Child procession is on this year on Sunday 26th March. It starts at midday after the 10:30am Mass at St Mary's Cathedral and ends at 1:30pm with Benediction back at the Cathedral. This year will be led by the Archbishop of Sydney, The Most Reverend Anthony Fisher OP. We seek mercy for the unborn child, his mother and father and all who participate in the evil of abortion.

Call Family Life Int. for more details. 9519 9111

Please submit prayer petitions and prayers for the sick to Ezechiel House: the priests and the seminarians will be happy to pray for your intentions.

Cleanliness - Please keep the areas around the kitchen and courtyard clean and tidy. Pick up children's litter around fountain area.

Parking - Do not park in the Sheltered Village Court Parking Lot.

Parking - Please do not park in two spaces reserved for the Soup Kitchen Vans. Those areas are clearly marked in blue.

Parking - Please leave first two parking places available for elderly and frail Mass-goers.


Holy Communion is only given on the tongue and kneeling as it is the discipline enforced in the Mass of the Extraordinary Form. Those who cannot kneel because of illness, frailty or old-age are not obliged to kneel and should feel comfortable to stand when receiving Holy Communion.


First Thursdays

Collect: Send, we beseeech Thee, O Lord, labourers into Thy vineyard, in order that both the precepts of Thy only-begotten Son may be perpetually observed and that the sacrifice may be everywhere renewed.

Secret: Make perfect the tribute we offer, as a sacrament for the vitality of Thy people, so that ministers, having been increased, in the circling of Thine altar, may bring together prayers and sacrifices to Thee.

Post-Communion: Having been filled with the heavenly mysteries, we beseech Thee, Almighty God, that Thou wouldst deign to increase Thy ministers in both number and sanctifying charity.


The First Collection is for the support of the Fraternity priests who work at Maternal Heart of Mary Church. This includes food, lodging, insurance and health care.

The Second Collection is for the material needs for the running of Maternal Heart of Mary Church: electricity, printing, candles, charcoal, incense, petrol, etc.

The Thursday Collection is for the support of the FSSP seminarians under the Australian Region of the FSSP.

As other parishes run by Religious Orders and Societies of Apostolic Life, we are allowed to have different collections for the needs of the Church and the religious community where the need arises.


A reminder that any funerals or marriages at Maternal Heart can only be held on Saturdays due to the working hours of the various offices of the Church that own and use the facilities.

Six months notice must be given before any wedding.