October, 2016


December 4


"Entrance" for the Midnight Solemn Mass : 11:30pm
Dawn Mass (Sung) : 5am
Low Mass : 7:30am
Solemn Day Mass : 9am

The 6pm vigil Mass on Saturday 24th is not a Christmas Mass, but it does fulfil the obligation for those not attending on Christmas Day itself.

There will be no 10:30am Mass on Christmas Sunday.

This Week

Tomorrow (Mon) is the feast of the anniversary of dedication of Maternal Heart of Mary Church. 7pm Solemn Mass. Adoration before Mass. (There will be no morning Mass.)

Tue evening recollection: 6pm Low Mass, followed by Holy Hour. Men invited to join us for a light supper at Ezechiel House. Please let Fr Sypher know ASAP.

Thursday is the feast of the Immaculate Conception. 7pm Solemn Mass.

Gaudete Sunday.

Next Sunday is Gaudete Sunday.St Nicholas will be making an appearance. Festivities will be in the church courtyard this year (not in the garden). Parents with young children please contact Consuella Jankovic for information about supplying presents.

Piety stall will also be open. Books and crucifixes for sale.

Christmas raffle tickets also on sale.

Bishop Antoine Tarrabay

Bishop Antoine Tarrabay (Maronite) will be visiting on the 18th of December (4th Sunday of Advent) and preaching at the 10.30 am Mass.

October 16


Office of the Dead will be chanted at 4pm

5:50pm : Low Mass 4:30pm : Low Mass
6:30pm : Low Mass 5:50pm : Low Mass
7:00pm : Solemn Mass 6:30pm : Low Mass

No Wednesday Adult Classes on All Souls Day

August 21

Correction: 7pm Sug Mass this Friday the 26th of August

This Friday we will have a votive Sung Mass of our Lady of Czestochowa. The Mass will be at 7pm (not 6:15pm as previously advertised). This will allow sufficient time for the choir to prepare.

Wednesday: No Classes Due to Episcopal Consecrations

Please pray for Frs Umbers & Randazzo who will be consecrated as new auxiliary bishops for the archdiocese of Sydney. The Mass will be 7pm this Wednesday evening at the Cathedral. There will be no classes this Wednesday evening.

August 7

Walk Pilgrimage to St Mary of the Cross Shrine

There will be a walking pilgrimage to the Shrine of St Mary of the Cross at McKillop Place in North Sydney on Sunday August 14th after 10:30 Mass. Vespers and Benediction will take place at 4:45pm at the shrine.

Feast of the Assumption

Monday August 15th is the Feast of the Assumption and is a Holy Day of Obligation. There will be a sung Mass at 7pm as well as the blessing of herbs, medicinal flowers and fruit.

Please submit prayer petitions and prayers for the sick to Ezechiel House: the priests and the seminarians will be happy to pray for your intentions.

Cleanliness - Please keep the areas around the kitchen and courtyard clean and tidy. Pick up children's litter around fountain area.

Parking - Do not park in the Sheltered Village Court Parking Lot.

Parking - Please do not park in two spaces reserved for the Soup Kitchen Vans. Those areas are clearly marked in blue.

Parking - Please leave first two parking places available for elderly and frail Mass-goers.


Holy Communion is only given on the tongue and kneeling as it is the discipline enforced in the Mass of the Extraordinary Form. Those who cannot kneel because of illness, frailty or old-age are not obliged to kneel and should feel comfortable to stand when receiving Holy Communion.


First Thursdays

Collect: Send, we beseeech Thee, O Lord, labourers into Thy vineyard, in order that both the precepts of Thy only-begotten Son may be perpetually observed and that the sacrifice may be everywhere renewed.

Secret: Make perfect the tribute we offer, as a sacrament for the vitality of Thy people, so that ministers, having been increased, in the circling of Thine altar, may bring together prayers and sacrifices to Thee.

Post-Communion: Having been filled with the heavenly mysteries, we beseech Thee, Almighty God, that Thou wouldst deign to increase Thy ministers in both number and sanctifying charity.


The First Collection is for the support of the Fraternity priests who work at Maternal Heart of Mary Church. This includes food, lodging, insurance and health care.

The Second Collection is for the material needs for the running of Maternal Heart of Mary Church: electricity, printing, candles, charcoal, incense, petrol, etc.

The Thursday Collection is for the support of the FSSP seminarians under the Australian Region of the FSSP.

As other parishes run by Religious Orders and Societies of Apostolic Life, we are allowed to have different collections for the needs of the Church and the religious community where the need arises.


A reminder that any funerals or marriages at Maternal Heart can only be held on Saturdays due to the working hours of the various offices of the Church that own and use the facilities.

Six months notice must be given before any wedding.